Recovering and re-upholstering old lampshades

Ever since we did our post on Lampshade repair and restoration service, we have been getting requests to redo old lampshades. While inquires have been steady, this one was special because the shade was in a shape that we had not worked on before. We received an image on Whatsapp and the customer called us to ask if we can do it. Our  emphatic “Yes” was not convincing enough for her. We thought that was the end of our conversation.  After few days, she called back and informed that she is sending two of the shades (along with the fabric to be used)  for redoing.. We were to get more shades only after we convince the customer about the quality of our work. DID WE GET THE OTHER SHADES ? Read on.

We were excited because it was something new that we were going to work on. It made us anxious too.

Old lampshade - image as received from customer on whatsapp
The first thing we noticed was the fabric on the old shade had rust marks everywhere. Realized that the frame was used without treating it with paint and it was all showing off on the fabric.

Rust marks on the fabric

The first thing that we did was to ensure that the frames are properly coated to prevent rusting in the near future. Also, because in the method that we use for making lampshades, the vertical support of the frames would be visible from the inside and hence painting was essential.

The fabric was a beautiful off-white pseudo raw silk (Click to know about our custom lampshade service) and the moment we saw it we knew we had a winner. Much unlike some of the other projects that we have done, this was indeed a time consuming effort. Cutting straight lined strips is always a challenge and we had more of these to cut for these shades.

Work in progress
We took our time to patiently make these shades and eventually it was all worth it. Today, the customer had both the shades picked up from us. Our joy knew no bounds when she called us back to tell us how fabulous the work is and how meticulous the details have been. Nothing gives us more kick than the immediate feedback from a Woodooz product owner. Interestingly the call went on for about 11 minutes. She made our day when she mentioned that we were recommended by a popular online / retail store that sells lampshades and furniture and that is how she came to contact us. Am now doing to lose my sleep over this imformation.

Oh yeah ! We have received another pair of shades from the same customer for reupholstering.
Nothing can be a truer testament to what you do than a customer who keeps coming back to you for the work you do. Happy Happy is all we can say for the moment.

Have a shade to be re-upholstered or recovered ?

Bring it to us here at Woodooz Home Decors (Click for store location). We would be happy to use a fabric that you bring along with you or use one of the fabrics that you can choose from here. In return, we are committed to delivering a product that matches your expectation. We revel in your delight.

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  2. Looks cool. I think I have such a lamp somewhere on my basement. It was too old but still working, and so I think I moved it there. Maybe I should get it out and try to recover it, just like in your post. I really loved the result you've got and I think I can archive it too. I'm sure I can not only write the testimonials on Paperrater, but also make something by my own hands))

  3. Lovely lampshades. Just beautiful. I will surely buy it. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Hello,
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