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Lamps add lots of brightness to a space and the shades around them add character and personality to the room. So, it is only natural that you look to introduce bits and pieces of your own qualities into your personal space. One of the best ways to get this done is through furnishings, accessories, colors, patterns and more that reflect your taste and style.

Lampshades can be an element that can go a long way in bringing out your flair for illuminating, decorating and sprucing up an ambiance. Many love to hand pick items for their room, or even better, have them made exclusively for them. When there is an option to exercise exclusivity, it opens up avenues to make things around you unique and one of a kind.

We get lot of custom orders here at Woodooz and I wanted to talk about three such projects that we were involved in. Through these projects, we offered our customers the choice to decide what they wanted and how they wanted their shades to be. And to work along with them allows us the opportunity to experiment with colors or sometimes even go out of our comfort zones to create something new.
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This is one reason why we love working on custom lampshade projects like the ones below :

Drum Shaped lampshades for a historical base

One fine morning we received these wooden bases at the studio from a customer and she wanted two basic drum shaped shades for it. We did not make much of it as it was like any other request we get.

Wooden Floor Lamp Base
After scouting through the racks for a fabric of her liking, she picked the muted green fabric with gold print on it (Check out how beautiful the fabric is on our table lamp). We already had a table lamp made from it and it struck a chord with her. She left the bases with us because it needed complete wiring to be done. Only, one part of the base was missing which she was to bring the next day.

The shades were done in two days time and we were waiting for the missing base portion which we were told was a brass hollow cylinder.

Custom made drum lampshades
We did not make much of it until we heard the story behind those cylinders. Apparently, those were artillary shells that were used by Pakistan in the 1971 war. The customer's father apparently was in the millitary and they had preserved it for all these years. We were really dumbfounded at how creatively they decided to extend its shelf life by making a unique floor lamp from out of it. And we were only happy that we could do our bit.

Unique Floor Lamp
Honestly, it is really a simple shade we made. But the back story that they would now be part of only made it a very prestigious project for us.

Coordinated combination

This was a project we did for a customer who flew all the way from Dubai. The floor lamp was already in place (Check out our collection of floor lamps) and she loved it at the first sight. Given that the fabric was a beautiful Kadhi cotton, she wanted more of that Indianess to go with the floor lamp that she picked. And thus the idea of coordinating the shades with the cushion covers sprang. 

This is a classic case that announces our ability to coordinate our shades with your furnishings and vice versa (we are still trying to understand how much of the vice versa we want to do in the future). You have a color in mind ? We can bring out in our shades. You have a fabric with you from the left over furnishings ? We can convert that into a beautiful shade that will seamlessly gel with your existing set up.

A bookend lampshade with a golden touch

This was our most recent customization order and it was all done online. The customer had earlier seen us at an exibition and had been waiting for over a year to get something from us. No. We are not making this up. The customer indeed mentioned it :) For some reason she has been casting her eyes on the bookend lampshades. We had only one listed and the others were yet to be photographed.

We requested time to send her images of the rest of the shades. Instead of opting for it, she asked if we could make one in a fabric of her choice. Now that is always an exciting proposition and so we readily agreed. She browsed through the images in our instagram handle and picked a nice golden yellow raw silk that she wanted to make her own.

The product is still at the studio and the customer might drop down to pick it up tomorrow. So, this is a sneak peek of something that even the customer has not seen yet. :)

Want to customize your lampshade ?

We would be happy to assist. Just call us at 98840 70470 or email us at

Even better, if you can drop in to our studio at OMR, Chennai at your convenience, it would be easier for us to sit down and discuss. Seeing the range of products that we have at our retail studio will also give you new ideas.

We are located in 3/371, first floor, metukuppam, Thoraipakkam, OMR, Chennai - 600097.

Until our next bloggable project, signing off. As always, leave us a comment to let us know what you think of our work. 

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